• Born in Naples on December 7th
  • Moves to Rome where at present he lives and works.
  • Attends classical and scientific courses:self-taught,draws and paints.
  • Works for a statistical office of IBM
  • First one-man show in Capri with an introduction by Edwin Cerio.
  • Second one-man show in Capri.
  • Wins the scholarship offered by the Spanish Government to an Italian artist .
  • First one-man show in Rome, at the Studio Medusa.
  • Wins for the second time the scholarship offered by the Spanish Government to an
    Italian Artist.
  • Wins the regional “Rome Prize”, Rome.
  • Takes part in the Seventh Quadrennial in Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni , Rome .
  • Wins for the third time the scholarship offered by the Spanish Government to an Italian artist.
  • Stays in Paris. First one-man show in France.
  • Wins a prize of the Ministry of the Interior, Rome.
  • Paints a large decorative panel, “Elements of Electronics”, for the IBM Italian General
  • Headquarters in Milan (cm 400×150).
  • Paints a large decorative mural at the Electronic Centre of the “ Bank of Rome”, “Electronic Centralization” ( cm600×430).
  • Wins a prize by the Ministry of Education during a one-man show on modern ballet under the sponsorship of the National Academy of Dance in Rome.
  • Exhibits for the first time in New York ,commissioned for a large mural by the IBM World Trade Corporation of New York City.
  • One-man show at “Schneider Gallery”, in Rome.
  • He devotes himself entirely to painting.
  • Travels to France, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, etc.
  • First one-man show in Germany(Wolfang Gurlitt Gallery)
  • Monography published by Carlo Bestetti, Edizioni d’Arte – Roma with introduction by Ernest Nestor Somlyo..
  • Cooperates with industrial Organizations in the graphic field; writes various articles on “Machine, Romanticism of XX Century“Civilisation of the Machine”
  • Through his acquired experience with I.B.M. he created paintings on nuclear and electronic subjects.
  • Suggest by critics for his “new forms” in the field of ceramics.
  • Travels to the United States. Has is first one-man shows in New York, Chicago and Palm Beach.
  • Invited to a permanent exhibit at the Art Centre Program at the Columbia University in New York with a large scale painting
  • Travels again to New York where he stays for a few months. Has one-man show in different cities of the United States.
  • He travels to Israel and realized new paintings: Space and layers composition.
  • Sells works to important industrial and financial Groups , such as Credit Bank, Geneva; IRI, Rome; ESSO, Rome;RAI Rome etc.....
  • The Israeli Authorities invite him to visit Israel
  • Flies ten times to the United States , France , Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, etc.
  • One-man show dedicated to “Colours in Israel” in Rome, Florence, Milan, Palm Beach, Chicago, New York.
  • One-man show dedicated to the Industrial and the Electronic world in Pittsburgh : “The Executive looks at Art”.
  • Paints decorative murals for ships and industries.
  • Is appointed a member of the “American Institute of Interior Design” for his art activity in Italy and abroad.
  • Starts to work as a sculptor creating “iron-structures”.
  • Invited to Israel for an official exhibit on “Colours of Israel” , in the framework of the Twentieth Anniversary of Israel, under the patronage of the Minister for Tourism H.E. Moshe Kol (April 1968).
  • One-man show in Rome under the patronage of the Ambassador of Israel in Italy H.E.Ehud Avriel.
  • Murals and iron Structures for the Domus Real Estate Company in Milan and” Società Generale Immobiliare “ in Rome.
  • One-man show at the Beverly Hills Federal Savings Bank in Los Angeles, under the auspices of the Minister of Tourism of Israel and Alitalia.
  • One-man show at the Desert Museum of Palm Springs, California. One work by Sinisca enters the permanent collection of the Museum.
  • One-man show at the Henry Gallery, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
  • One-man show dedicated to the industrial world, under the patronage of U.D.D.A (Democratic Union of Enterprise Managers), in Rome.
  • One-man show , Giraldi Gallery, Leghorn.
  • One-man show at the Acquavella Gallery in Caracas.
  • One-man shows in Rome, dedicated to “iron, silver and perspex Structures”.
  • “Dimension ‘70” : one-man show of paintings, structures and lithographs under the patronage of Alitalia, in Chicago.
  • Photo service and cover on “Civiltà delle macchine” with a critic text by Lorenza Trucchi and an essay by Giuseppe Berto.
  • Has his first one-man shows of Structures-jewels in Rome, Zurich, Johannesburg, Durnam, Venice, Palm Beach, Washington, Spoleto, Porto Cervo.
  • One-man show at the Agra Gallery in Palm Beach.
  • One-man show in the Agra Gallery in Washington.
  • A display window for Sinisca (San Sebastianello Gallery), Rome.
  • Group-show of sculptures at the Cinema Palace in Venice in the framework of the “Biennal of Venice”.
  • One-man shows in Caracas and Sao Paulo. The “Variable Structure” joins the permanent collection of the Museum of Art “Assis Chateaubriand” in Sao Paulo.
  • Art Publication on “Sinisca’s Structures” edited by Bestetti, with preface signed by Architect Paolo Portoghesi.
  • Participated in the Festival dedicated to Charlie Chaplin at the 33rd International Art Film Festival in Venice.
  • One-man show of paintings-sculptures and jewerly in Merano, under the auspices of the Tourism Agency of Merano.
  • One-man show in Rome of the Structures creasted for the Museum of Sao Paulo.
  • Art book dedicated to Sinisca’s Structures in the Art Museum of Sao Paulo with essays signed by F.M.Bardi, Arturo Bovi, Francesco D’Arcais, Murilo Mendes and Paolo Portoghesi.
  • One-man show of Paintings, Sculptures and Jewels at “Schettini Gallery” in Milan.
  • Executed paintings to be reproduced in the special catalogue dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the “Milan Fair”.
  • Critic essays by Sandra Orienti and Italo Mussa on “Sinisca’s Structures” published in the specialized review “Civilization of the Machine”.
  • The “Variable Structure” and the “Objects-Moduli” are shown at the International Art Fair in Basel (Arts 3’73).
  • Participated in the International Festival of Painting in Cagnes-Sur-Mer.
  • One-man show at “Acquavella Gallery” in Caracas.
  • One-man show in Venice and Salsomaggiore.
  • Participated one-man show at the Art Museum of Sao Paulo, with a total of 72 works.
  • One-man show at the Italian Institute of Culture in Stokholm.
  • The “Variable Structure” joins the collection of the Art Museum in Stokholm.
  • Open- air one-man show of sculptures in Rome under the auspices of the Assessorship for Fine Arts and Culture, and with the collaboration of “Capitolium” art magazine
  • Executes scenery in iron and steel structures for the “Ballet of Roma”.
  • One-man show of painting, sculpture, and jewerly at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro.
  • The “Variable Structure” joins the permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro.
  • One-man show at the Art Museum of Sao Paulo “Assis Chateaubriand” ( structures, acrylics and multiples: a total of 72 works shown in the Triaton Pavilion).
  • One-man show in Stokholm under the auspices of the Ambassador of Sweden to Italy Brynolf Eng.
  • Realization of a sculpture for a permanent open-air exhibit in the city of Acireale.
  • One-man show of paintings, sculptures, multiples and jewels at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. Presentation of the “Sound Structure”.
  • Executes a group of Structures in iron and brass for the Church of the Holy Family built in Salerno ( project signed by Paolo Portoghesi and Vittorio Gigliotti).
  • One-man show of Structures and presentation of the “Concert for Sinisca’s Structures” (Electronic Music by Tamas Huguary, Carlo Loffredo, Sinisca, with the participation of Pietro Grossi), in the framework of the 1973 International Film Festival in Sorrento, under the auspices of the Autonomous Tourism Agency of Naples and Sorrento.
  • The “Variable Structure” joins the collection of the Museum of Modern Art “Ca’Pesaro in Venice.
  • Participation in a group show of sculptures in the garden-terraces of Cavalieri Hilton Hotel in Rome: artists from Piazza Margana.
  • Group show at the Town Hall of Monte Compatri.
  • One-man show in New York and Boston.
  • One-man show in Rome, Studio S.
  • Group show “Fine Arts of 1975”.
  • One-man show at the Art Museum of Sao Paulo.
  • One-man show in Varsavia, Zapiecek Gallery. Works of Sinisca are in the Museum’s collection.
  • One-man show in Venice, Traghetto 2 Gallery.
  • One-man show of Sinisca’s Totems in marble.
  • Décor for the Festival of Ballet (steel structures) in Rome and Milan.
  • Created lithographic posters dedicated to the 54th International Milan Trade Fair.
  • One-man show of paintings, graphics, jewelry at the Stanford University .
  • Group show “Artists from Piazza Margana”, Piazza Margana, Rome.
  • Group Show “Forme nel verde”, San Quirico D’Orcia, Siena.
  • Structures by Sinisca: show in the EGAM pavillon at the Fair of the Levant, Bari.
  • Sinisca’s Totems are executed in marble.
  • Third Aurea Biennial (Aurea Art 1976), Palazzo Strozzi, Florence.
  • One-man show at Muzeum Okregowe, Lublinic. Works of Sinisca are accepted in the Museum’s collection.
  • The “Totems” join the collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome.
  • “Five artists and the marble” : Sinisca, Guerrini, Calò, Roca Rey and Portoghesi, showing marble works at the 55th Milan International Trade Fair. Sinisca’s marble sculpture is cm 340 by 65.
  • One-man show of painting, sculpture, graphic and jewelry, organized under the Italian patronage of ALITALIA and FIAT do Brazil.
  • Museu de Arte “Assis Chateaubriand”, Sao Paulo.
  • Congress Hall « National », Rio de Janeiro.
  • Paints a FIAT 147 car that is presented by FIAT do Brasil to the Museum of Belo-Horizonte.
  • Palacio de Artes Belo-Horizonte.
  • Congress “Othon”, Bahia.
  • One-man show “Ginori and Sinisca” in New York.
  • “Sinisca’s Sculptures” in Fifth Avenue.Paintings, sculptures and ceramics shown at ALITALIA headquarters.
  • Creates for Costa Lines sculptures and a decorative mural.
  • Held a series of lectures at the Columbia University in New York, giving comprehensive studies on “Italian Art Today”.
  • One-man show at the Petite Galerie, Rio de Janeiro.
  • One man show of paintings, sculptures and ceramics at Park Avenue , New York.
  • Lectures at the Public Library in Garden City, on “Situation of Italian Art Today”.
  • “A display window for Sinisca” held at Ginori, in Fifth Avenue: a show of ceramics at Ginori in New York.
  • One-man show of painting, sculptures, multiples, ceramics at Fades, Park Avenue, New York.
  • Creates many large sculptures for Turbonave Flavia of Costa Lines.
  • One-man show at Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, USA.
  • One-man show at B’Nai B’Rith, New York.
  • One-man show of paintings, sculptures, ceramics and jewels at Portal Gallery, Sao Paulo.
  • One-man show at the Palace of Arts, Rio de Janeiro.
  • Interior design (Montecarlo- Tel Aviv).
  • One-man show of ceramics at “La Galleria”, Rome.
  • Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus USA.
  • Realization of sculptures for the ship “Atlantic” Home Lines France.
  • Exhibits at “Palazzo delle Arti” under the patronage of the General Consulate of Italy in Rio de Janeiro (Painting and Ceramic).
  • One-man show of Painting and Sculpture at Studio S. Arte Contemporaneas Rome.
  • One-man show at the “United Nation”, New York, under the padronage of the Metropolitan Committee for UNICEF and the Italian Institute of Culture: first
  • One-man show of an alive artist at the United Nations.
  • Conferences at Universitade Mackenzie, Sao Paulo.
  • Conferences at the Universitade in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Realization of high fashion accessories
  • One-man show at Galleria Metastasio, Prato.
  • One-man show at Silbelberg Gallery, New York.
  • One-man show at Artcurial Gallery, Paris.
  • Sculptures for Ripetta Residence in Rome.
  • Sculptures for Transatlantic Eugenio C., Costa Lines.
  • One-man show in Rome, at “Tecno”.
  • Sculptures for Yachy Oceani, South Bound (mt 25), New Horizon (mt 50), Maria Adel (mt 54) and Turbonave Costa Lines.
  • One-man show a the Museum of “Palace of Diamonds”, Ferrara.
  • Sculpture for permanent exhibit in the garden of Palazzo Massari (Museo Comunale di Ferrara).
  • One-man show in Abu Dhabi and Dubai under the patronage of the Italian Embassy.
  • One-man show at the Museum of “Decorative Arts”, Belgrade.
  • Musée des Arts decoratives, Belgrade.
  • Collegium Artisticum Sarajevo: Designers, jewels and photographs, Sarajevo.
  • One-man show of sculptures, Monumental Castel of Montecchio, (Arezzo).
  • Dubai: paintings, sculptures, jewels under the auspices of Italian Embassy.
  • Open-air one-man show of sculptures at the Monumental Castle of Montecchio(Arezzo). First one-man show of photography in Italy.
  • One-man show of paintings and sculptures at the City-Hall of Spello.
  • One-man show of paintings, sculptures and jewelery at the Aida Gallery, Giza, Cairo.
  • One-man show of sculptures at the National Centre of Arts, Salam Gallery Museum, Zamalek, Cairo.
  • One-man show of photographs ,Comune di Spello.
  • Participates in the exhibition Homage to Piero della Francesca “Oro d`Autore”, at the Museum of Medieval and Modern Art of Arezzo. His jewels- sculptures enter the collection of the Museum.
  • One-man show in Rome, Studio S, Stratifications-Sculptures.
  • Scenography for the Cairo Festival for Experimental Theatre.
  • Publishers “La Bautta”, Ferrara, publises the art volume “All’ America”: texts by Furio Colombo and Maria Teresa Spaziani, photographs and drawings by Sinisca.
  • “Melamerica: The artist and the space” (Tridente 1990): installation by Sinisca at the Studio S/Arte Contemporanea in Rome (paintings, sculptures, graphic works, television tapes).
  • One-man show of painting at Bucchero Gallery in Orbetello.
  • Presentation of the volume “All America” edited by “La Bautta” at the American Academy in Rome.
  • The art volume “All’ America” is presented with a one-man show of photographs at the General Consulate of Italy in New York.
  • “Manhattan In”: volume of photographs in black and white published by the Studio S/Musa Cultural Association in Rome with texts of Furio Colombo, Maria Luisa Spaziani , Ruggero Orlando,Sinisca.
  • “A display window” for Sinisca (Photography), at Alitalia, New York.
  • One-man show of photographs under the auspices of Alitalia, at the 666 Building, New York.
  • One-man show of photographs under the auspices of the Italian Institute of Culture in Marocco: Rabat, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Tetouan, Tanger.
  • One-man show of photographs under the auspices of the Italian Institute of Culture in Rio de Janeiro, Belo-Horizonte, Bahia.
  • One-man show of photographs, Academy of Egypt, Rome.
  • One-man show of paintings, photographs, lithographs and sculptures at National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, under the auspices of the Italian Embassy- Italian Cultural Institute of Malaysia.
  • One-man show of photographs, sculptures, jewelry and paintings at the Italian Cultural Institute of Cairo.
  • Participates at the 18th Alexandria Biennial with “Flowered Totems”sculpture show.
  • Presentation of “ Manhattan In “at Columbia University, published by Studio S/ Musa,Roma with introduction by Maristella Lorch with texts of Furio Colombo,Maria Luisa Spaziani,Ruggero Orlando.
  • One-man show of photographs at Studio/S, Contemporary Art, Rome.
  • One-man show of sculptures at Horti Leonini,(Forms in the Green) San Quirico d`Orcia, Arezzo.
  • A Sinisca Foundation in the Museum of Modern Art of Spello, Italy,is planned to collect a selection of sculptures, paintings, multiples, jewels, drawings, graphics, ceramics and design of the artist
  • A nearby space, the St. Margherita Tower will collect the whole Sinisca’s video work
  • Group show of sculptures :”Vivai del Sud” in Rome.
    “A ciascuno la sua bandiera” at the Civic Gallery , Padua.
  • “Nata per Gioco”, De Florio Gallery, Roma; La Versiliana, Viareggio; Institute of Art “Depero”, Rovereto.
  • ARGAM “ Propuestas para una colleccion” at Italian Istituite of Culture in Madrid.
  • International Exhibit “La Colomba” at Naviglio Gallery , Venice.
  • “The most recent work” Studio S/ Arte Contemporanea, Roma.
  • “Italien small bronze”, Michetti Prize, Francavilla a Mare.
  • “Artist’s gold” Museu National de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires.
  • Candidate for the "Imperial Prize" as Italian sculptor
  • Group show of sculptures organized by ARGAM at "Cavalieri Hilton", Rome .
  • One-man show at "Palazzo Comunale", Spello.
  • Group show "Arte e Natura" ,Eurogarden, Artists of Piazza Margana,Rome
  • One-man show at "Villa Fidelia" , Spello.
  • One-man show of jewelry and fashion at "Convento de`Cappuccini", Argenta.
  • Show of photographs in the Italian Academy at the Columbia University. "Trash" published by Studio S/ Arte Contemporanea Roma, with the introduction by Maria Luisa Spaziani, Carlo Fabrizio Carli, Sinisca.
  • One-man show of sculptures, mixed media, photographs, at Studio S/Arte Contemporanea, Rome.
  • One-man show at Espaco Cultural dos Correios, Rio de Janeiro.
  • ARGAM: Autumn Festival “On the stage, out of the stage”, Rome.
  • One-man show, Studio S / Contemporary Art, Rome.
  • One-man show of photographs at Torvergata University, Rome.
  • One-man show of paintings and sculptures at the Directional Center of Alitalia, Rome.
  • Sculpture "Epomeo d`Oro" for the Cinema Festival, Ischia.
  • A large painting(cm 450×200)for the Salone Comunale, Spello.
  • One-man show of paintings sponsored by Alitalia, at the J.F.Kennedy A\\irport , New York.
  • One-man show of sculptures, photographs and paintings in Villa Signorini, Ercolano.(NA)
  • International Convention in Bagdad, and participation in a group show.
  • Group show "Palms by Artists", Palermo, Nettuno, Florence, Naples.
  • Group show of paintings and sculptures “Inside and outside the walls”, Piombino.
  • Group show “Vasto Prize XXXI, Arte Contemporanea”
  • Group show “Alitalia for Art” Umbria Jazz, Rocca Paolina in Perugia,and “Palazzo del Popolo”in Orvieto.
  • One-man show of photographs at Cultural Italian Institute, Tychy(PL)
  • One-man show of jewels, multiples, ceramics, silverware, “Cose Belle”, in Rome.
  • Sculpture: “Epomeo d`Oro” for the Cinema Festival in Ischia.
  • Group show “Alitalia for Art”, “Perdonanza Celestiana”, Fortezza Spagnola”, L`Aquila.
  • 1999
  • One-man show at Studio S/ Arte Contemporanea in Rome, “Contamination”,mixed media (acrylics, inox, perspex).Rome.
  • Participated in the XIII Quadriennale d`Arte di Rome, Rome.
  • 2000
  • Group show `”Immagine d`Impegno, Impegno d`Immagine”.Ex Mattatoio, Rome -One-man show of paintings, sculptures and jewels at the Italian Institute of Culture, Muzeum Historyczne
  • One/man show of paintings, sculptures and jewels at the Italian Institute of Culture in Bydgoszcz.
  • Group show “Palme tra Botanica e Arte”, Orto Botanico, Universita’ degli Studi di Napoli, Naples.
  • Group show “Primaverile ARGAM” ,Egyptian Academy, Rome.
  • One-man show of paintings and sculptures at the Italian Centre of Culture, Biesko-Biala (PL).
  • One-man show of photographs at the Italian Centre of Culture in Biesko-Biala.
  • Special Guest at 8th International Cairo Biennale 2001, Cairo.
  • Group show “Photo Painting” at Studio S/ Arte Contemporanea, Rome.
  • One-man show of photo paintings at .Muzeum Historyczne, Varsavia.
  • One-man show of paintings and sculptures at the Cultural Italian Institute, Lubiana.
  • One-man show of photographs and mixed media at Elblag and Plock(PL).
  • One-man show of paintings and sculptures at the Cultural Italian Institute , Maribor University. Maribor
  • One-man show of sculptures and paintings at the Cultural Italian Institute, Capodistria.
  • Exhibits of photo painting at Zapiecek Gallery, Varsavia.
  • One-man show of paintings at Sala Giotto, Centro Satellitare ALITALIA ,Fiumicino Airport , Rome.
  • One-man show of paintings at Cerio’s Foundation, Capri.
  • Opening of Sinisca’s Foundation, Spello (PG).
  • One-man show of mixed media, painting, photography and multiples, at the New York University, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo’, New York.
  • One-man show of paintings, sculptures, photographs, photo- paintings and multiples at Kheyreddine Palace, Medina, Tunis.
  • Invited as a sculptor at the XXIX Premio Sulmona
  • Show of photographs and publication “Biesko-Biala”, Biesko Biala.
  • Publication “Capri” at the Foundation Axel Munthe, Capri.
  • One-man show of photographs and mixed media at F. Russo Gallery(Rome)
  • One-man show of paintings,sculptures,mixed media,photographs at Muzeul National de Arta Contemporana, Bucarest
  • One-man show at Art Museum of Craiova. “Bucarest” Sinisca publication at the Italian Institute of Culture, Bucarest.
  • One-man show of sculptures, paintings, multiples, mixed media and photographs at the Contemporary Art Museum of Bucarest.
  • One-man show of photographs and mixed media at F.Russo Gallery,Rome
  • Award to the career by President of Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi “Vittorio De Sica Prize” at the Quirinale Palace.
  • One-man show of paintings, sculptures, jewels and ceramics at Studio S /Contemporary Art, Rome.
  • One-man show of painting at the Municipality of Mogliano Veneto(TR)-Hommage G.Berto.
  • Participated in the show “Scheggie d’Autori ” (SNAD-ENAP), Teatro Tor di Nona, Rome.
  • Participated in “Primaverile Romana”, Salone di Maggio, La Natura e l’Uomo, Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome.
  • Participated in the show “Light: the true sun of art” , Museo d’Arte delle Generazioni Italiane del ‘900, G. Bargellini.Pieve di Cento,
  • Participated in the “Istambul Sanat Fuori”, (Tuyap), Istanbul.
  • One-men show of photographs,mixed media “Visions of Rome” European Parliament,Strass-burg.
  • One-man show of painting at Italian Institute of Culture,Bruxelles
  • One-men show of painting at Italian Institute of Culture, Bruxelles
  • 10th Cairo International Biennale, Cairo 2006. A framework of Sinisca joined in the collection of Italian Representation to the Council of Europe.
  • Produce a large sculpture (stainless steel) for the University of Monastir (Tunisia) offered by the Italian Cultural Institute in Tunisia
  • Personal exhibition of mixed media and photographs in the Italian Institute of Shanghai and Beijing
  • Great Exhibition of painting, mixed media, sculptures, multiple, photographs, fashion jewelry at the Korea Foundation Cultural Center in Seoul made by the Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul
  • Exhibition of mixed media on "Crucifixion" at the Gallery Pyeonghwa Seoul Diocese Italian Cultural Institute
  • Personal exhibition of mixed media "space" for 5 years of exhibitions at the Gallery Studio S / Arte Contemporanea in Rome
  • Exhibition of mixed media on "Crucifixion" at the Gallery Kim’s Diocese of Daegu, city located in the South Korea
  • Solo exhibition at the Complesso del Vittoriano (in Venezia Square) in Rome: painting, sculpture, mixed media, multiple ceramics, jewelry, fashion
  • Exhibition "Crucifixion and space" at the Center Caprese Ignazio Cerio, in Capri
  • Solo exhibition at the all'Auditrorium during the presentation "Marco Aurelio’s” trophy  produced by Sinisca for the "Film Festival in Rome" and presentation of paintings showed in Sorrento in 1966 for the French Film Festival and the homage to C. Chaplin presented at the 33rd Venice Mostra Internazionale d 'Arte Cinematografica
  • Participates in the exhibition "Venite Adoremis" at the Basilica of St. Maria in Montesanto - Church of the Artists in Piazza del Popolo in Rome (2008/2009)



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