Sinisca was born in Naples on December 7th ,1929.

Lives and works in Rome, New York and Spello.

Attends classical and scientific courses.

Starts his artistic activity in 1958.


He is:

Painter, Lithographer, Ceramist, Scene- designer, Jewelry maker, Sculptor, Designer, Engraver, Photographer.

Painter dal 1952
Lithographer dal 1952
Ceramist dal 1980
Scene -designer dal 1964
Jewelry maker dal 1955
Sculptor dal 1958
Designer dal 1960
Engraver dal 1965
Photographer dal 1987

Keeps on working in various sectors, devotes his time principally to sculpture from 1970.

His works are to be found in the most important industrial, commercial and financial Institutions, in the major Museums and on italian and foreign ships.

Carries out open air exhibits in Italy and abroad.

Carries out “workshops” in Italy, Brazil, USA, Israel, Malaysia.

His works are exhibited in the New Museum of Contemporary Art of Spello(PG), and in the St. Marguerite Tower, headquarters of the “Sinisca Foundation ac”.


The “ Sinisca Foundation ac” opened on September 21, 2002, in Spello , under the patronage of the Presidency of the Cabinet, the Unbria Region , the Perugia Province and the Cultural department of the Spello Municipality.The library of the Foundation includes also a Section for The Poetry with the publications of Maria Luisa Spaziani and a Section for Literature with the books of Giuseppe Berto.

The Santa Margherita Tower ,where the art works of the “Sinisca Foundation ac” are on Permanent display,was built in 1450 and restored thanks to the personal intervention of Sinisca.On October 29,2006, it bwas officially included by tha Italian Federation of Unesco Clubs and Centres among the “Monuments Messanger of the Culture of Peace”, The first in Umbria, as an acknowledgement of Sinisca’s activity outside all commercial systems or established fashionable groups and trends. In fact, since his firs exhibit in 1952 until today, the artist held 200 one-man shows in Europe , the United States, South America, Africa and Asia and promoted cultural events aimed at mutual understanding and brotherhood among people in the framework of an international message of peace. The official ceremony took place in the presence of the Unesco General Secretary Ambassador Luca Biolato and of President of the Federation of Unesco Clubs and Centres Dr.Marialuisa Stringa ,welcomed on the spot by Sinisca, The mayor of Spello Sandro Vitali and other local authorities.


Autostrada del sole, Palazzo delle Esposizioni ,Rome, 1961
Israeli Tourism Organization ,Tel Aviv, 1968
Piazza Tor Margana ,Rome, 1974
Liguriamodamare ,Santa Margherita ligure,1987
Painting Prize “City of Pizzo Calabro”, Pizzo Calabro . 1996
Regional Sicillian Assembly/Bielsko-Biala (Poland),2002
“Vittorio De Sica Prize” for Art , delivered by the President of the Republic ,Rome, 2003
SNAP AND ENAP Syndicate Prize for Sculpture,Rome 2005
The Symposium of the Muses/Penisola Sorrentina Prize, Piano Sorrento, 2006
“Goffredo Petrassi Prize” , Zagarolo, 2006

Sinisca has participated in 252 group shows in Italy and abroad, and in important national and international exhibits.

He executed decorations and structures for major industries ,commercial organizations Italian and foreign Banks, among witch are: IBM World Trade Corporation, IBM Italia, Banco di Roma, International Credit Bank Geneva, Immobiliare Roma/Milano, Hilton, EGAM, RAI, ALITALIA, FIAT do Brasil, MOBIL.

In addition to he executed decorations and structures for: Italia Navigations, Lloyd Triestino, Flotta Lauro, Home Lines, Ganguri, Costa Lines..

President of Republic Carlo Azelio Ciampi confered to Sinisca the “Vittorio De Sica Prize,” for the career (2003) at Quirinale Palace.


June 27, 2007 Sinisca was named "Academic Vatican" on Culture Insigne Pontificial Academy of Fine Arts from the Virtuosi of Pantheon

On June 8, 2007 the Pro Spello Association confers on Sinisca the Pro Spello 2006-2007 Award for the Scetion Culture