• 1973 : one-man show of painting, sculpture and jewelry of Sinisca at the Italian Institute of Culture, Stockholm, under the auspices of the Swedish Ambassador in Italy:Brinolf Eng.
    The Hungarian composer of electronic music:Tamas Unguary impressed the sculptures of Sinisca
    composes a “Concert for Structures”,and Carlo Loffredo a “Concert for Contrabass”.The interest
    of Sinisca for electronic music was born.
    Sinisca includes a musical program in some peculiar shows:”Concert for Structures and sound
    Structures”.Musical vibrations,derived from optical sensations,produced by sculptures in inox
    from the user.
  • 1973 Open-air show in “Piazza Margana” Rome.
  • 1973 Tecno Sculptures of Sinisca in Rome
  • 1973 Museu de Arte “Assis Chateaubriand” Sao Paulo, 1973.
  • 1973 “International Meeting of Cinema”, Sorrento (NA)
  • 1973 Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro,Rio de Janeiro